If you didn't have solid ground you might as well be a bowling pin, cause the lovable beast was charging towards your legs right now.

"Kimbo!", his owner yelled out. Kimbo was a English bulldog, a lovable dog who didn't know his own strength. He was always excited by guests and loved to get close. It was hard to resist his cute under bite and his big eyes, if you were lucky he would relax just enough for you to enjoy his company. 

The lovable Kimbo was a perfect subject for one of my digital drawings, the drawing above is the finished portrait which was completed after Kimbo's passing. With this portrait I wanted to have some subtle high impact colours, and heavier usage of darker colours to bring out special features like his eyes. To me, this piece portrays strength, loyalty and unconditional love. I actually enjoy the rawness of my pet portraits, unlike my child digital drawings I don't need to be overly cautious of how soft the final piece needs to be. Not only was Kimbo a joy to draw, It also made me really interested in the unique face of the bulldog. Bulldogs have a unique history, with their species developed for bull or bear baiting. The sport was fairly simple, the dog that grabbed the bull by the nose and pinned it to the ground would be the victor. If you are already an avid Bulldog fan or just a lover of animals, this could be the next piece to add to your collection.

Below is the first pet drawing I completed, again another good friend of mine requested a drawing of his pet. I would completely enjoy doing more pet portraits in the near future.